What makes us unique?

Our group is a collection of professionally employed freelancers. This means you get the highest quality services and experience the industry has to offer.

Our experts specialize in a wide variety of different technologies and everybody brings a unique skillset to the table. Please take the time to browse our past projects and view the services we offer. If you like what you see head on over to our contact page and get yourself started!

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Is your idea alive?

We know we are. Now ask yourself the same question. Is your site alive? Is your new idea alive? Are you as excited about your business as we are about techonology? Good.

Our recipe is simple, take an idea and combine it with proven concepts and achieve top level results. If you\'re ready to bring your idea to life see our contact us page and lets get this thing started.

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The Experts

John graduated from NIU with a bachelors in computer science. He has been activily working in the field of web development since 2002. His many skills include backend web coding and server administration.

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Ryan graduated from DePaul university with a degree in graphic design. Although design is his passion, he found other talents in programming and software development. When not working on sites you might find him climbing mountains.

Brandon, is an indepenent graphic designer with an undergraduates degree from Columbia College. To contact him about design related work or find out more visit his online portfolio.


Rich recently graduated from DeVry University and has been working in web technology since 2002. He has collaborated on several large scale projects for CPS and is currently working as a .NET developer.

e: rich@everyonealive.com

Our Technology

PHP MYSQL Host Gator FireFox
Photoshop Dreamweaver SitePoint
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